About Us

PS2Smart project was founded in March 2017 in goal to relive an old-school gaming memories from 2000's when ultra popular Sony's PlayStation 2 was dominating the world of console playing.

When smartphones' hardware specification started to become stronger and stronger, and went to the point when they are on same level as PS2 specs are, this gave us idea to create an emulator application which is able to run all of PS2 games just like Sony's console used to a decade ago.

At first sight this process probably looks so easy to achieve. However in reality it's always different. It took long until we manage to optimize playing controls and adopt them to touch screens which smartphones have. As it's completely different controlling system when you try to reprogram something which originally comes for mechanic controller and then you need to optimize it to work same on touch screen phones. Yes it was a little bit time consuming but at the end an effort always pays off successfully.

As nowadays smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems both have even more stronger processors, more RAM and better GPU then PS2 have, it's obvious that any game will work without problems on any today smartphone, and even better. Graphics quality in some games is noticeably improved.

You can find and download PS2Smart emulator app at files page.
If you need any help or you've found some bug you'd like to report, feel free to contact us at any time!